Chimney Cleaning and Inspections Wood Fireplaces
Dryer Vent Cleaning and Installation Gas Fireplaces
Air Duct Cleaning Oil & Gas Appliance Flues
All Phases of Chimney Repair Tuck Pointing
Stainless Steel Chase Covers Flashing
Stainless Steel Caps and Damper Tops Crowns
Stainless Steel Liners and Flue Pipes Installed Waterproofing
Smoking and Leaking Problems Corrected Installation Services
Fireboxes Repaired and Rebuilt Fireplace Accessories
Residential and Commercial Chimney Liners
Complete Chimney Restoration Dryer Vent Inspections and Certifications
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for Fireplaces (wood burning and gas log service)  Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for Woodstoves (freestanding and inserts)
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for Heating System Flues (gas or oil) Commercial Chimney Cleaning and Inspections for Towns, Counties, State Colleges, Schools, Businesses and Churches
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for Oversized Metal Commercial Stacks Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for Dryer Vents 
Real Estate Certifications for home owners and landlords   Gutter Cleaning


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*Fireplaces and wood stoves are only as safe as the person operating the system.  Routine maintenance and cleaning can never guarantee events such as flare ups or chimney fires will not occur.*

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