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If you are in need of duct cleaning services, you’ve come to the right place.  We take pride in all of our jobs.  We aim to complete all our tasks in a reasonable amount of time and you can rest easy knowing we won’t try to talk you into any services you don’t need.  We make another promise; we promise not to add a bunch of hidden fees onto your bill at the completion of the job.  Whatever price we tell you the job will be is the price that you will pay.  

Don’t be fooled by carpet cleaners or other service technicians who tell you they can clean your carpets and your ductwork as well.  For a safe, complete, well-done duct cleaning service, you need to hire the appropriate company.  

We employ a top-notch technology called the Filtered Negative Air Machine.  It pulls all the dirt and debris out of your ducts so that you can enjoy fresh, clean air!  Your ducts will be as clean as the day they were installed.  Afterward, when your ducts are sparkling clean, talk to us about our line of lifetime air filters.  While the common air filter is meant to be thrown away, these filters have a sturdier frame and a superior filter component.  Coupled with the fact that they are reusable, they can save you money in the long run. 

It is recommended to have your ducts cleaned every couple of years, but if someone in your household suffers from respiratory issues, you may want to have the service done more often than that.  We service most of Ocean and Monmouth Counties including, but not limited to:

Ocean County

Monmouth County

If you are in Ocean or Monmouth County, give us a call to discuss your job.  If you’re curious about what else we have to offer, check out our services page

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