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Welcome to Carlin Chimney & Duct Service.

We do it all, from fireplace and chimney liners to caps and dampers. We provide everything you need to keep your chimney running safely and efficiently, and at prices that won’t break the bank! And we guarantee that all of our projects will be executed in a timely fashion and will meet or exceed building codes and construction practices.

At Carlin Chimney & Duct Service, our ultimate goal is to understand our client’s vision and convert that vision into a reality. When you get your chimney or fireplace serviced by Carlin Chimney & Duct Service, you can rest assured that a licensed and experienced member of our team will be on the job. Our promise to our clients is that we will never affix any extra services or fees, and that’s just one reason our customers keep coming back to us year after year.┬áIf it’s your dryer vent that is not working properly, we can fix that. From a basic dryer vent cleaning to installing a new vent system, Carlin Chimney will handle all of you dryer vent needs.

We use a Filtered Negative Air Machine for Air Duct Cleaning that sucks out the dust and debris, while we block off all the supply and return vents and run a rotary brush or air whip through each vent individually to push all the dust and debris into the Negative Air machine, thus cleaning all your vents thoroughly. We then clean all your registers and grilles and the complete air handler unit. We then sanitize and deodorize the entire system.

We also offer a full line of lifetime air care filters that can be cleaned and reused, and we offer a stronger frame and better filter element than the cheap throwaway filters.
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